The Plane of Shadows

Therefore let no one pass judgment on you in questions of food and drink or with regard to a festival or a new moon or a sabbath. These are only a shadow of what is to come, but the substance belongs to Christ.

    -- Colossians 2: 16-17
The Plane of Shadows is a universe of shadows, where most creatures enjoy neither real life nor undead status. Humanoids native to the plane are perhaps the "dark creepers", otherwise much like us. Animals are "umbrimals", much like our own, and there are shadow dragons, shadow mastiffs, and so forth. Often visitors find black-and-white duplicates of familiar locales, even entire cities, but in disrepair, and peopled by non-speaking, sad-looking duplicates of familiar folks. This plane presents no special hazards. It is much like our own world, but with colors muted, and light sources dimmed, a constant temperature of 60 degrees, an overcast sky, and lots of fog and mist. One may see near-duplicates of one's own world, only more dreary; some have said they found their own homes again, only in ruins. Above the clouds are two suns, one a brilliant orb of positive energy, the other a black orb of negative energy. Visitors from other planes cannot derive sustenance from the shadow-food and shadow-water of the plane. Spells creating "light" or "darkness" are weakened. Magical fire casts very little light. Saves vs. color spells ("color spray", "hypnotic pattern", "prismatic spray") are at +4. Spells that heal or harm are at double intensity. "Shadow monsters" and its variants produce real monsters which will act according to their natural tendencies, with a chance of living on after the spell expires (10% for "Shadow monsters", 20% for "Demi-shadow monsters", 30% for "Shades"). "Major creation" and "Minor creation" produce real things that endure. "Summon shadow" brings real undead shadows which attack the caster. "Shadow magic" is real. "Shades" are high-level characters that have adopted a melancholy, aloof immortality. They are as described in the original "Monster Manual II". They can enter our world from realms of shadows, and once per day open a gate to an ally or pet on the Plane of Shadows. They heal and regenerate lost body parts, except the head, over weeks.

In the Third Edition, the planes of Shadows is developed as accessible from any shadowy place on any plane, inner or outer. Travel through this plane (as by "Shadow Walk") involves walking through a drab world much like our own, including ruined counterparts of familiar places. It is unstable and visitors may find portals to any inner or outer plane, appearing as black-and-white negatives. Perhaps these are shrines, with the destinations identifiable from the faith revealed at each one.

Adjacent planes and good ministries:
Birth and Creation


The Ministry of Elemental Good -- Shadows Ministers

Some religionists pretend to have answers to everything, including the difficult moral problems. Most people decide seeing the world all black-and-white is unrealistic and harmful.

Shadow ministers are ethicists, trying to help people find the right thing to do in a world with many shades of gray. They can check to hide in shadows (referee's discretion). They get a free proficiency in camouflage (referees handle this as seems best).

[Do Justice, Love Mercy, Walk Humbly]

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Air Ministries -- Liberation
Ash Ministries -- Penance
Dust Ministries -- Remembrance
Earth Ministries -- Protection
Fire Ministries -- Wholesome Fear
Grime Ministries -- Street Ministry
Ice Ministries -- Courage
Lightning Ministries -- the Hardened
Magma Ministries -- Disasters
Minerals Ministries -- Commerce
Mist Ministries -- Tolerance
Negative Energy Ministries -- End of Life
Ooze Ministries -- Agriculture
Positive Energy Ministries -- Beginning of Life
Radiance Ministries -- Mysticism
Rainbows Ministries -- Peacemaking
Shadows Ministries -- Ethics
Smoke Ministries -- Liturgy
Steam Ministries -- Social Justice
Water Ministries -- Purification
Vacuum Ministries -- Renunciation

The Inner Planes
The Outer Planes

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