The Plane of Negative Energy

Have the gates of death been revealed to you, or have you seen the gates of deep darkness?

    -- Job 38: 17

Say: Who delivereth you from the darkness of the land and the sea? Yea, call upoh Him humbly and in secret, saying: If we are delivered from this fear we truly will be of the thankful.

    -- all-An'am 6:63.7

Then of the Thee in Me who works behind
The Veil of Universe I cried to find
A Lamp to guide me through the Darkness; and
Something then said --- "An Understanding blind."

    -- Omar Khayyam, "Rubiayat"

The Negative energy plane, or Plane of Death, is a universe of darkness and lethal energies, the spiritual home of the undead. Without "negative plane protection", visitors lose 2d6 hp and one level each round they remain here. There isn't any air, and visitors can't cast "airy". Visitors will need a "polymorph self" spell, adaptation, or just hold their breath. Visitors cannot see a thing because of the utter darkness. (The locals can see just fine.) There are many undead here. Living visitors glow, making their condition obvious, and this angers the locals. The Dust Folk philosophic sect, which glorifies death and undeath, has its headquarters here. The plane is ringed by towers which are immune to incursions by this plane. They are managed by the Doomguard.

Adjacent planes and good ministries:




Street Ministry

The Ministry of Elemental Good -- Negative Energy Ministers

Some religionists talk about equal, opposite cosmic principles. In the Judeo-Christian-Islamic tradition, the faithful are presented with a moral choice between good and evil. The tradition usually teaches that God has given us instructions for our own good and the good of our neighbors, "Good" means "desiring the happiness of others", while evil means "desiring others to be unhappy".

The Judeo-Christian-Islamic tradition proclaims clearly that these opposing alignments are not equal in the grand scheme of things. God is good, and we can be, too.

So the existence of a "negative", but morally unaligned, plane underpinning the created world does not represent the eternity of evil, suffering, hate, and so forth. Instead, it reminds the faithful of the inevitable wearing-out of created things -- our own bodies and minds as well as everything we know. For the tradition, all that endures are our decisions about how we will treat one another -- the stuff of our alignments.

Negative energy ministers care for the faithful and the late-repentant at the time of death. They are immune to energy drain.

[Do Justice, Love Mercy, Walk Humbly]

Air Ministries -- Liberation
Ash Ministries -- Penance
Dust Ministries -- Remembrance
Earth Ministries -- Protection
Fire Ministries -- Wholesome Fear
Grime Ministries -- Street Ministry
Ice Ministries -- Courage
Lightning Ministries -- the Hardened
Magma Ministries -- Disasters
Minerals Ministries -- Commerce
Mist Ministries -- Tolerance
Negative Energy Ministries -- End of Life
Ooze Ministries -- Agriculture
Positive Energy Ministries -- Beginning of Life
Radiance Ministries -- Mysticism
Rainbows Ministries -- Peacemaking
Shadows Ministries -- Ethics
Smoke Ministries -- Liturgy
Steam Ministries -- Social Justice
Water Ministries -- Purification
Vacuum Ministries -- Renunciation

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