The Plane of Fire

If your enemy is hungry, give him bread to eat, and if he is thirsty, give him water to drink; for you will heap coals of fire on his head, and the LORD will reward you.

    -- Proverbs 25: 22

The elemental plane of fire is a universe of fires, in all their varied beauty, which burn without consuming their fuel. Lacking appropriate protection, visitors burn to a crisp in one round. Rings of fire resistance and clerical "resist fire" do not protect fully visitors from the extreme heat, or from the bad atmosphere. (These magics slow the rate of burning to one hp/round.) "Fire plane protection" / "Protection from Fire" is sufficient. Fire genies are a bad-tempered lot. Salamanders are totally vicious. The azer dwarves are tough and surly. Elementals from this plane excel at arson. Elemental servants from this plane excel at arson, or any other use of fire, or missions on stars. "Create water" does 1d6/level damage in a 20' radius, save for half damage. Select encounters from among the following:

Adjacent planes and good ministries:


Social Justice

Disaster Care


The Ministry of Elemental Good -- Fire Ministers

Everyone has heard a hellfire preacher, warning sinners of the anger of God. Christians' revenge ("hot burning coals", see also Romans 12: 20) is simply to return good for evil -- giving a warning by example. Fire also purifies. Fire burns away one's past faults and renders one fit for the Lord's service (Isaiah 6). Some theologians have said the fire that burns sinners is simply the love of God, as experienced by mean-minded people who do not want to change.

Fire ministers warn evildoers of the moral and spiritual consequences of their actions, and promote healthy fear. A fire minister will help a wrongdoer make a good act of contrition. They get a free proficiency in fire building, blacksmithing, or cooking (player's choice).

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    All ministers of elemental good can use many protective and restorative spells in addition to their elemental selection. As they progress, they gain the ability to communicate with creatures of their element, and gain increasing immunity to damage. See the sect's main page for details.

Zoroastrian site -- fire figures prominently in the imagery and preaching of this world-faith. This particular site draws on many faith-traditions.

[Do Justice, Love Mercy, Walk Humbly]

Air Ministries -- Liberation
Ash Ministries -- Penance
Dust Ministries -- Remembrance
Earth Ministries -- Protection
Fire Ministries -- Wholesome Fear
Grime Ministries -- Street Ministry
Ice Ministries -- Courage
Lightning Ministries -- the Hardened
Magma Ministries -- Disasters
Minerals Ministries -- Commerce
Mist Ministries -- Tolerance
Negative Energy Ministries -- End of Life
Ooze Ministries -- Agriculture
Positive Energy Ministries -- Beginning of Life
Radiance Ministries -- Mysticism
Rainbows Ministries -- Peacemaking
Shadows Ministries -- Ethics
Smoke Ministries -- Liturgy
Steam Ministries -- Social Justice
Water Ministries -- Purification
Vacuum Ministries -- Renunciation

The Inner Planes
The Outer Planes

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