Grand Acedrex

If you had a Java-capable browser, you could play Grande Acedrex, the early Spanish chess variant, here.
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Grand Acedrex is a very old variant from Spain.

Grande Acedrex

KingAs in FIDE chess. Royal piece. There is no castling.
RookAs in FIDE chess.
LionThree-square orthogonal jumper.
UnicornMoves first as a non-capturing knight, then as a FIDE bishop.
Giraffe1,4 jumper.
CrocodileAs a FIDE bishop.
GriffinOne square diagonally, then may move along any orthogonal, non-jumper.
PawnAs FIDE pawn, except no initial two-square move. Upon reaching the opposite side of the board, becomes a piece of the kind originally occupying that file, or a griffin if the sixth file.
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