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The lion is royal and is confined to his castle on his side of the river. Two lions may not face one another without any intervening unit.

The giraffe moves and captures by jumping to the second square diagonally or orthogonally. It also moves as a king without capturing.

The monkey captures as in checkers, with successive jumps possible. It also moves as a chess king without capturing.

The elephant moves one square orthogonally or jumps to the second square orthogonally.

The crocodile moves and captures as a king. It can move toward or within the river as a rook. The zebra moves as a knight in ordinary chess.

Pawns move and capture forward, both straight and diagonally. Across the river, a pawn can also move 1 or 2 squares straight back without capturing or jumping.

A promoted pawn moves as a pawn. It can also move and captures one square orthogonally sideways. It may also go one or two squares backward orthogonally or diagonally without jumping.

Any unit except the crocodile which remains in the river drowns.

A Stronger Congo Applet exists. Link is now down.

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