The Plane of Ash

The worldly hope men set their hearts upon
Turns ashes -- or it prospers; and anon
Like snow upon the desert's dusty face
Lighting a little hour or two -- is gone.
    -- Omar Khayyam, "Rubiayat"
The Quasi-elemental plane of Ash A wasteland universe of burned-out debris. You may find undead on burned-out funeral pyres. The lich Vecna once lived someplace here. The "Crumbling Citadel" of the Doomguard is at the border with the negative energy plane. The Doomguard desire the cessation of all things, with an end to toil and suffering. ("Shut up, you'll be dead soon enough anyway.") Without "ash plane protection" or "negative protection", visitors freeze, losing 2d6 hp per round, and protection from cold only halves this. All fires burn out in one round. There is no normal air here. The touch of your bare hand does 1d6 damage to any ash creature. A "gust of wind" does 1d6hp/level of damage, save for half damage. Elemental servants from this plane excel at missions after major fires. Ash creatures crumble into "stinking clouds" when killed.

    Approaching Fire: The Sea of Frozen Flames. There is no heat, but flesh is still burned away.
    Approaching Smoke: The Embers. Hot, stinging ashes.
    Approaching Magma: The Cinder Wells. Volcanic ash and lava.
    Approaching Steam: ?
    Approaching Vacuum: The Sparkling Vast. Beautiful, but paralyzing.
    Approaching Ice: ?
    Approaching Grime: The Wasting Place. Freezing and disintegration.
    Approaching Negative: The Empty Winter. A few flakes in emptiness. Drains vitality.

    Spell keys: Certain cinders.

Adjacent planes and good ministries:
Wholesome Fear


The Ministry of Elemental Good -- Ash Ministers

In the Judeo-Christian-Islamic tradition, ashes are a sign of repentance, humility, and the impermance of natural things.

Ash ministers preach on repentance and humility. No matter how badly you have messed up your life, and what evil you have done, an ash minister will help you find a better way to live. And if you have led a generally good life, an ash minister will remind you to be modest and to remember that you, too, are far from perfect. They get a free proficiency in endurance.

    Elemental spells for Ash Ministers (Second Edition)

      Level 1: Affect Normal Embers (reheat or extinguish all in 5 yards/level for 2 R/L); Endure Cold; Endure Heat; Fireproof area (no ignitions, 1 day/level);

      Level 2: Affect Normal Fires; Ash Cloud (as "stinking cloud", but merely blinds while in cloud and for 1 round upon leaving); Burning Hands; Chill Touch; Firelight ("Spells and Magic"); Log of Everburning ("Tome of Magic"); Merciful Shadows ("Dark Sun"); Resist Acid & Corrosion ("Spells & Magic"); Resist Fire; Resist Cold;

      Level 3: Affect Any Fire; Aura of Comfort ("Tome of Magic"); Blindness; Fire Trap; Flame Blade; Flaming Sphere; Heat Metal; Produce Flame;

      Level 4: Ash Door (as "Plant Door", works only between two large ash heaps) Enervation Explosive Runes; Flame Arrow; Pyrotechnics; Reflecting Pool (uses ashes instead of water)

      Level 5: Emotion -- Sadness; Fire Purge ("Tome of Magic"); Produce/Quench Fire; Transmute Ash to Other Element / Other Element to Ash;

      Level 6: Animate Flame ("Spells & Magic"); Fireball; Flame Strike; Transport Via Ash (as "Transport Via Plants", but only between ash piles); Wall of Fire;

      Level 7: Finger of Death; Fire Seeds; Incendiary Cloud; Transport Via Fires;

    Possible additional spells for Ash ministers: Spells that quench or re-ignite fires; spells to speed regrowth of a burned forest; spells to see what happened during a burned-out fire; spells to speak with a cremated body; spells to choke opponents; spells to restore a burned building;

    Possible additional abilities for Ash ministers:

    • Firefighting;

    • Treat poisoning (DM's choice)

    All ministers of elemental good can use many protective and restorative spells in addition to their elemental selection. As they progress, they gain the ability to communicate with creatures of their element, and gain increasing immunity to damage. See the sect's main page for details.

[Do Justice, Love Mercy, Walk Humbly]

Air Ministries -- Liberation
Ash Ministries -- Penance
Dust Ministries -- Remembrance
Earth Ministries -- Protection
Fire Ministries -- Wholesome Fear
Grime Ministries -- Street Ministry
Ice Ministries -- Courage
Lightning Ministries -- the Hardened
Magma Ministries -- Disasters
Minerals Ministries -- Commerce
Mist Ministries -- Tolerance
Negative Energy Ministries -- End of Life
Ooze Ministries -- Agriculture
Positive Energy Ministries -- Beginning of Life
Radiance Ministries -- Mysticism
Rainbows Ministries -- Peacemaking
Shadows Ministries -- Ethics
Smoke Ministries -- Liturgy
Steam Ministries -- Social Justice
Water Ministries -- Purification
Vacuum Ministries -- Renunciation

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The Outer Planes

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