Divemaster Jim

RJ Diving Ventures -- Wreck and Reef Diving in the "Wreckreacitonal" Capital of the USA -- Miami, Florida

International Association of Nitrox and Technical Divers

International Scuba Academy -- Kansas City's premiere diving school

Divemaster Jim

The Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science.

Dr. Samuel Gruber -- shark specialist and my mentor at RSMAS.

Austin's Diving Center -- Miami, Florida
ProDive: Where Jim trains to be the best professional diving instructor for you.

Divers Alert Network -- scuba diving and safety network

Blackbeard's Bahamas Scuba Cruises

Tarpoon Dive Center -- Miami Beach

I also like to skydive.

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Teaching Scuba to the Police Officers
Miami Beach, 2006

Bahamas, August 2005

Bahamas, August 2005

Fishes of the Caribbean

Fishes of the Caribbean

Sting Ray


Shark Feeding

Sharks Up Close

Spider Crab




Boat Captain -- Branson, Missouri

Divemastering in Key West

In the Caribbean

Louis Chapman of Scuba Sports using an underwater camera

Off the coast of Florida

Jack and parrot fishes



Starfish and Me

Hanging out at the helm station

Coral fish


Freshly-speared spiny-tailed lobsters

Helping with certifying new students

Checking dive tanks

Getting ready to
pull up the anchor

See you back on shore

Driving back from Key West to Miami Beach after a successful search and recovery

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Captain Jim, Branson, MO